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Build Your EU Taxonomy and CSRD disclosure Plan Now Using ClimateScore™ Global’s Gold-Standard Physical Risk Metrics and Jupiter’s CSRD QuickStart


The CSRD, coupled with the EU Taxonomy, sets a rigorous, global standard for accountability in corporate sustainability reporting. Forward-focused physical climate risk assessment is an essential component of compliance. The CSRD’s scope and criteria demand the most granular, transparent, decision-useful, and science-based analysis of physical risk impacts available today.


So it makes perfect sense to choose Jupiter ClimateScore™ Global as the core solution of a superior CSRD disclosure plan. ClimateScore Global enables you to project how a portfolio of assets may be affected by climate change – perils it will be exposed to, vulnerable segments and locations, and how that risk will change over time and across varying warming scenarios.

CSRD QuickStart from Jupiter

Jupiter’s CSRD QuickStart contains the full suite of ClimateScore Global’s peril, economic impact, and hazard score metrics for physical risk reporting that businesses within the European Union—and non-EU entities that it will affect—need to disclose under both the EU Taxonomy and CSRD.

CSRD QuickStart includes:

  • An overview of EU reporting requirements

  • Dashboards for EU Taxonomy-aligned reporting

  • Dashboards for CSRD-aligned reporting

  • Critical operational risk insights

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