How to safeguard investments and create value
in a changing climate

Learn how Wafra developed leading asset management practices to build long-term sustainable businesses.

On-Demand Webinar

In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, climate risk analytics has emerged as a pivotal tool for asset management and private equity investment firms. With the escalating threats posed by climate change, asset managers and investors are now recognizing the critical importance of understanding their climate risk and integrating its potential effects into their projections and decision-making processes.

Climate risk analytics provides invaluable insights into the potential impact of environmental factors on investment portfolios, helping investors navigate the complex challenges posed by climate change. By quantifying the climate related risk to their portfolios and understanding how regulatory changes may impact their business, asset managers and private equity investors can make more informed decisions leading to sustained resilience – safeguarding their investments and maximizing returns.

Amidst these challenges lie opportunities for innovation. Forward-thinking asset managers and private equity firms, like Wafra, are embracing sustainable investment strategies by systematically integrating climate analytics and engaging with like-minded partners to mitigate climate risk. By incorporating climate risk analytics into investment decisions, Wafra and others are not only future-proofing their portfolios but also catalyzing the transition to a more sustainable economy.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What drove Wafra to incorporate physical climate risk into their risk analysis

  • How climate data is incorporated into the overall Wafra framework

  • How Wafra interacts with its portfolio companies on climate data

  • How to quantify the economic impact of climate change to your business

  • How to determine the climate adjusted value of your portfolio of assets


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Avantika Saisekar

Managing Director    Sustainable Investments, Wafra

Preet Gandhi

Senior Associate Sustainable Investments, Wafra

Maxwell Evans

Principal Solutions Consultant              Jupiter Intelligence

Wahib Ghazni, PhD

Technical Product Manager, Finance Jupiter Intelligence