How will global
climate risk
regulations impact
your business?


Understand how to assess and prepare for the evolving regulatory landscape.

Climate-related disclosure mandates are rapidly evolving around the world today. While some industries, like banking and insurance, have had some level of climate assessment in place, most industries have not and need to start preparing now.

Adding to the overall confusion is the seemingly ever-expanding set of new and proposed climate-related disclosure requirements around the world, their applicability to organizations, and the differences in disclosure frameworks. With all of this, organizations can be left confused trying to untangle the web of climate risk regulations ahead of them.

In this new informational webinar from Jupiter, you will learn about:

  • The overall global regulatory landscape including the differences in regional disclosure mandates

  • The comparability of disclosure frameworks

  • Which industries will be affected and anticipated expansion in upcoming years

  • What type of physical climate risk data is currently available

  • How to start preparing your company for upcoming mandates

Whether you are impacted by EU Taxonomy requirements, upcoming SEC regulations, OFSI mandates, the California disclosure mandate (SB 261), or any other global regulatory statutes, watch today to find out how to ease the burden later.

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Meet the Speakers

Megan Arnold

Regulatory Intelligence Expert

Elisa Seith

Solutions Architect