Jupiter eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Climate Risk Disclosure Regulations

Where, When, and Why your business must comply…. and How you can get started.

Untangling a Growing Web of Regulation

As extreme weather events become more severe and more prevalent, and as the losses they inflict continue to mount, regulatory authorities within the world’s largest national, multinational, and regional economies are taking action.

To ensure the sustainability of their financial systems, governments and regulators are requiring companies to identify, assess, and disclose future material impacts of climate change to their operational and financial performance. The momentum driving greater regulation touches every continent and advanced economy.

The regulations may have consequences for every large business or financial services firm who do business in their jurisdictions—even those based outside their borders.

This eBook is designed to provide a concise overview of the climate risk regulatory scene: WHERE, WHEN, and WHY your company must comply; WHAT leading disclosure frameworks call for; and HOW you can comply using today’s physical climate risk assessment tools and evolving business processes.

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