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Businesses today are grappling with the fact that climate risk is no longer considered an anomaly - it’s here to stay. 

Over recent years climate change has increasingly become an underlying influence that exacerbates all other enterprise risks - operational, strategic, compliance, legal liability, reputational, health and safety, and financial.

Understanding and addressing climate risk is a crucial component of any well-rounded investment strategy. Taking climate risk into account before making investment decisions can lead to a more competitive and resilient organization. Ignoring it can result in detrimental financial consequences.

In this on-demand webinar, we delve into the intricacies of the various market impacts stemming from climate change. We discuss how the shift in market conditions and financial parameters in response to climate-related events can lead to fluctuations in asset values. We provide insights into how your businesses can better prepare and adapt to these changes to mitigate potential financial losses. Finally, we cover the climate data and financial metrics you need to make better informed investment decisions.


  • Discover how physical climate risk can impact your insurance costs and net income
  • Learn how to calculate the tangible effects of climate change on your asset values
  • Effectively integrate climate risk data into your investment and due diligence strategy
  • Understand how incorporating climate risk data into your investment strategy can lead to more resilient portfolios
  • Quantify the potential financial implications of ignoring climate risk in investment decisions

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to understand how to quantify - and anticipate - the market impact of climate change on businesses.


Presenters :

Wahib Ghazni

Technical Product Manager

Allan Kapoor

Technical Product Manager
Climate Vulnerability