Making Sense of the Upcoming EU Taxonomy Mandate

A Clear-Sighted Guide to Identifying, Assessing, and Reporting Climate Risk Under the First Phase of the EU Taxonomy, from Jupiter Intelligence

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In three, concise videos, Jupiter experts share their knowledge and help clarify:

  • The EU Taxonomy's criteria for reporting the impacts of physical climate risk

  • How to conduct a climate vulnerability assessment

  • Taxonomy's context within the global, multi-jurisdictional drive for mandatory climate risk disclosure

  • The metrics used to assess and report physical climate risk—and the science behind them

  • How to grow the role of climate risk assessment from reporting to using it as a tool to develop and deploy more robust resiliency strategies

Video 1

EU Taxonomy & Physical Climate Risk

Speaker: Elisa Seith,
Client Solutions Architect

Learn about screening criteria, conducting vulnerability tests, and empowering your team to meet requirements.

Video 2

EU Taxonomy & Climate Disclosure Landscape

Speaker: Megan Arnold, Competitive &
Regulatory Intelligence Manager

Gain a high-level understanding of climate risk disclosure, disclosure enforcement, and climate risk assessment.

Video 3

EU Taxonomy & Peril Metrics

Speaker: Meghan Purdy, Lead Climate Product Manager

Deep dive into peril metrics and how to set your organization up for long-term success with climate resilience.